Spacific Meditations

Meditations to Calm Your Overwhelmed Mind

This growing collection of meditations is for our

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The meditations are divided into categories. So it's easy for you to choose what you need, when you need it.

Chi Kung: A time honored, Chinese tradition that includes synchronizing the breath with body movements allowing vital Chi energy to flow effortlessly through your body. These movements increase physical flexibility, improves brain function and calms the spirit (to name just a few).

Breath Awareness: Very rarely do most people think about their breath. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized to achieve balance in your body and life. When our breathing patterns have been allowed to function at a fraction of its potential, signs of breakdown in the body, mind and emotions will begin to develop. Learning techniques that can be used throughout the day can be a valuable, life-enhancing resource.

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Chakra Balancing:

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  Pamela St. John Guided Meditation from "The Therapeutic Art of Voice Channeling"
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  Moon Meditations
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  Seasons Meditation
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