Spa/Salon Crystal Therapies

The mesmerizing colors and shapes of crystals & gemstones have captured the attention of all cultures. Ancient civilizations have used gemstones for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years.

We focus on the properties and uses of one or two crystals and a compatible essential oil each month in our "Spacifically Inspired Membership"

Experience the Power of Crystals Throughout the year:

Gem Elixirs


Focusing Tools

Crystal Gridwork

Chakra Balancing

Gratitude Journaling

Future Scripting & Automatic Writing

Pairing Essential oils with the appropriate Crystals & Gemstones

Hi, I’m Patrina,

My journey with using crystals for wellness began at an International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference. I introduced crystal therapy to my salon services of massage, facials and body treatments

DIY Dayspa Crystal Treatments

Continue the magic of spa treatments between your professional visits. Using organic bases and ingredients from your home. Escape into an aromatic crystal state of bliss.

Moon Celebrations/Meditations

Learn how to pair an essential oil with a crystal for a powerful blend that helps you engage your senses into a state of balance.

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