The Therapeutic Art of Voice Channeling

In this Masterclass

Pamela St. John will reveal her experiences with a technique referred to as Voice Channeling.

Channeling is a powerful method utilized to shift your mind into a peaceful state of consciousness.

It has been utilized for centuries, most notably, by Shaman, Healers and Prophets to connect with higher frequencies and the loving guidance of Divine Energy.

Channeling can be achieved through automatic writing, prayer, energy healing and many other techniques. Artists, writers, musicians and all of us can connect with our "muses" through some style of channeling.

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In This Course Pamela shares with you:

        • What voice channeling is
        • The Spiritual Advantages of Practicing or Receiving Voice Channeled Coaching
        • How to Connect with Loving Energy
        • A printable Workbook
        • A Live Q & A Video Meeting
        • A Live Group Guided Meditation Session Video & Audio
        • Replays available for Members

Your Instructor

Pamela St. John
Pamela St. John

Pamela St. John has a background in piano performance from Indiana University. Her passion for music led her on a journey of teaching, performing and composing for over 35 years.

Over the past decade her emphasis has shifted more towards experiencing, developing and facilitating trance states for spirit communication, physical phenomena and energy healing.

She works within several groups in and around the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC on these topics, and participates in research whenever possible. She presently offers a workshop on "The Nuts and Bolts of Voice Channeling".

Pamela lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband of 40 years.She enjoys time with her family and grand-parenting. Playing piano consistently brings her great joy as well as connecting to planet earth in her wonderful garden.

Her present lifework is communicating with spirit and spreading "PSI and spiritual awareness" everywhere she goes.

Course Curriculum

  LESSON 5 Spiritual Reality & Receiving Information
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  LESSON 6 Permission, Inviting & Connecting
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  Message To "Spacific Members" From Petarin & Adrian
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