Gratitude Journaling Is a Form of Meditation

Hey There,

I'm Patrina and I love introducing people to this amazing form of meditation. I am a former Dayspa owner and my clients referred to me as their "Gratitude Coach".

I have been writing in gratitude journals for over 33 years.

Gratitude Journaling is a wonderful way to to raise your personal frequencies. It will help you see the beauty of your present moments and assist you through difficult times.

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The Benefits of Handwritten Gratitude

  • Help with memory retention
  • Helps you appreciate NOW
  • Increases your intuition
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps Improves sleep
  • Reduces Anger

Your One-week Downloadable Journal Includes

  • An inspiring quote.
  • A Gratitude Prompt for each day
  • A daily focus on one of your six senses
  • A final day of intercessory gratitude