Spa Moon Celebrations & Meditations

Setting your intentions with the natural cycles of the moon has been used by ancient civilizations for centuries.

This Course Includes:

  • Spacifics Moon Celebration Workbook
  • Video Instructions & Tips
  • Creating Your Peaceful Ceremony
  • Descriptions and Worksheets for each phase of the moon
  • Intention Tracker Worksheets

Your Course Guide:

Patrina Rutherford


When our lives feel mundane, ceremony can turn your mind to the beauty and magic of life.

Utilize our routine to customize your sacred space or follow the celebration I created for my salon.

Sacred Space

Learn how to create a sacred space to meditate and celebrate your life, intentions and goals.

Customize your routines for meditating in solitude, with your own group or join in with the Spacifically Inspired Celebrations.


The Printable "Spa Moon Celebration Workbook" contains ways to enhance your lifestyle with each phase of the moon.

The Printable "8 Phases of the Spa Moon Celebration" contains ways to enhance your meditations with crystals, essential oils and other tools.

Use the tracker as a tool to organize, prioritize and maintain your course of action in each phase.

Example Curriculum

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